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  • iPad Air Retina + iPad Mini

  • When you’re having trouble with your iPad Mini, SMARTPHONEFIX can help. Our dedicated technical team troubleshoots your problem, makes the necessary repairs, and provides a limited lifetime warranty on part and labor. There simply isn’t a better solution for iPad Mini repair service.

    Whether you use your iPad Air for work, for fun, or a little of both, it can be a major disruption when it’s not working properly. You want your iPad fixed today – not weeks from now! At SMARTPHONEFIX, we offer fast, convenient iPad Air repair service that you can depend on.

    Why go anywhere else for getting your iPad fixed. With SMARTPHONEFIX, we provide quick turnaround on service – often in less than 24 hours. And, we offer both drop-off and mail-in service. The choice is yours!

    We are committed to fast, high quality, affordable iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod repairs and service. When you need help, you can count on us. And, if your iPad Mini can’t be fixed, we even offer a cash or trade in offer. Why put up with the hassles of other repair service providers, when SMARTPHONEFIX can come to the rescue? For repairs, go to your local SMARTPHONEFIX location or mail in your iPad to your closest location.